How Conversational AI Can Reduce the Effective Marketing Cost of Your Ecommerce Business

Jan 28, 2022

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Conversation marketing is quickly replacing traditional marketing. Businesses are giving more and more attention to conversational AI as it promises a much better return on investment (ROI) than conventional forms of marketing such as email, social media and messaging.

How Conversational AI Works For Ecommerce

Conversational AI can help ecommerce businesses in improving the efficiency of email marketing, social media marketing and messaging in different channels.

  • Personalization Conversational AI is highly personalized. It uses customer data to understand their preferences and provides a one-on-one experience for all customers.
  • Predictive Analysis  Conversational AI helps marketers in predicting customer requirements. It provides a solution before the customer asks for it.
  • Personalized Recommendations – Conversational AI can make suggestions to customers based on what they have been searching for, their history and browsing patterns on multiple platforms.
  • Empathy – Conversational AI helps businesses in building empathy with their customers by providing them with a personalized experience. This will help them in building stronger relationships with their customers.
  • Insightful Analysis – Conversational AI provides businesses with analytical insights about what is working and not working for them on their website, social media platforms and across different marketing channels. This information can be used to improve conversions and target audiences more effectively.
  • Monetization – Conversational AI can help businesses in raising their revenue by targeting and engaging the right audience and converting them.
  • Cost Reduction – Conversational AI helps in providing a better ROI than conventional forms of marketing because it feeds back information about what is working and not working for the marketers. This enables them to know what kind of content, offers or promotions will be most effective and where to spend more or less money.
  • Streamlined Marketing – Conversational AI enables marketers to engage customers across different platforms such as their website, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and messaging platforms such as SMS or chatbots on WhatsApp. This saves them significant time that can be invested instead in other activities such as customer service or additional marketing.

Conversational AI: The Future of Marketing Services

Marketing agencies and consultants have started to get benefits from conversational AI by providing their clients with actionable insights based on the data that they receive from the conversational AI systems. They can provide recommendations which will help their client to optimize their resources and increase revenue and conversions.

You can use conversational AI as a support for email marketing in your ecommerce business to send personalized emails at different times of the day with recommendations based on customers’ past purchases, browsing history and conversation history. And when they click on the link and come to your site, you can start the personalized conversation proactively, which is proven for improving conversions.

The best thing is that Arithmix conversational AI works on all social media platforms such as facebook, whatsapp, instagram, all devices such as Alexa, Google home, mobile devices and even through SMS and telephone . Your Arithmix digital assistant gathers knowledge about your customers from all these platforms and engages with your customers on all those platforms. That way you can introduce yourself to potential customers and encourage them in every possible way to make a purchase while starting and maintaining a good, long lasting relationship.

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Arithmix AI Team

Arithmix AI Team

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