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Apr 07, 2022

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It is hard to get customers’ attention in eCommerce businesses today because there is so much noise and competition. It can feel almost impossible to keep their attention and turn it into a long-term relationship. It’s especially hard when you trying to scale and grow your business.

The best way to win customers and turn them into loyal advocates for your business is to deliver personalized customer experiences at each and every customer interaction throughout the customer journey.

“Experiences are more important than products now. In fact, experiences are products.”

“People increasingly share their experiences with companies and products in our connected economy, and we can either be active participants in creating and nurturing desired experiences or spend more and more time trying to react or make up for bad experiences.” (X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, Brian Solis)

It can be hard to give each customer the individual attention they need when you have so many other things to worry about in your business. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Arithmix AI helps you to create good relationships with your customers. We do this by delivering intelligent, personalized, and omnichannel customer experiences at each and every customer interaction. With the Arithmix customer interaction platform powered by conversational AI, you can make it easy for customers to buy from you, keep them engaged and happy and turn them into loyal advocates of your brand.

Solution Approach

With Arithmix at your side, you can easily turn leads into customers, deliver personalized customer service at scale and get to know your customers better by having meaningful conversations. Our conversational AI chatbots are available 24/7 and capable of real-time engagement with customers in their native language.

Different use cases of conversational customer interactions with Arithmix are briefly explained below using MixMart (an Imaginary eCommerce site selling IT equipment) as an example.

Start a personalized conversation with site visitors

The most important factor when a new customer or returning customer visits your site. We can empower the conventional email campaigns, by providing a personal conversational experience for each and every site visitor who comes to the site by clicking the personalized website link (instead of the same link for everyone) shared in an email.

Whenever the site visit itself is unable to explain how the customer found the website, you can ask them how they got to know about you, which is a piece of very important information for your marketing decisions.

Moreover, when the visitors (even without creating an account) return to the site, we continue the conversation from where we stopped. Our carefully designed conversation will guide the visitors to the next phase in the customer journey seamlessly.

Capture the leads

Instead of the traditional email subscriptions and forms, our carefully designed human conversation collects a lot of invaluable information about the site visitors, in a non-intrusive and friendly manner. This way we simply make sure that more site visitors turn into leads.

Convert leads into sales

Unattended leads cause revenue leaks, and the worst part of it is you never know how many of them were lost. Our automated conversations will be able to seamlessly convert leads into sales intelligently in a non-intrusive and friendly manner, 24/7.

Our automated conversation finds different ways to continue the conversation based on customer interactions, interests and emotions. Our conversational agent knows how many leads are there at a time and patiently plans to convert them into sales friendly and strategically.

Build product awareness

Our automated conversation will take account of the customer interests, recent behaviours and current trends, which the Arithmix platform finds through automated analytics feedback loops when suggesting new products or questions you want to ask about products you are planning to put into the market. We make sure that customers find out what they are looking for and avoid unnecessary noise, and empower your business personality as a trusted and helpful provider.

Through carefully tailored conversations, not only will you build product awareness, but you can also find out what the customers are interested in and what variants of a product are more marketable.

Drive conversations according to the user interactions

We design the conversation for each and every persona and journey moment separately. The intent of the conversation can be different based on which page the customer is on your site, how much time spent on a particular page, scrolling and clicking patterns on certain elements (product categories, product cards etc). We can initiate different conversations to drive more sales while delivering a superior customer experience.

Build product awareness

Millennials and GenZ have unique ways of sorting out problems. We take great care of keeping their emotions in the happy region when we design and automate the perfect conversation for your business.

We make sure that customers feel that you have taken great care of them, personally, when they need support from you at any stage of the business. Our conversation can support customers from the moment they enter the site by answering their queries, suggesting the best products for them, adding products to the cart and checking out.

The automated conversation will try its best to resolve the issue, and if it understands your customer needs more attention, you can set different types of alerting mechanisms like SMS, email and dashboard notifications based on how critical the issue is so that one of your agents can attend to that immediately.

This will help your team to deliver a next-level customer experience with more insight and understanding about the customer and issue before the actual contact. In future when the customer base grows, this will be a great relief for your team to deliver a quality service for your customers, since only the very crucial ones are directed to human agents. Yes, we will facilitate that as well when it’s required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This probably will be the very first conversation that’ll be integrated into the website. The set of questions your customers frequently ask about your business, products, procedures and various other issues, will be directly answered by the automated conversation. Instead of a traditional FAQ page, this opens you with a new opportunity to keep the conversation going on.

Customer feedback

In addition to all the analytics we provide, you can directly get customer feedback at critical journey moments. Unlike the traditional feedback forms which means the end of an interaction, sometimes in a cold manner, this way you can drive the conversation forward to find out what you could have done better.’This can turn out to be a mutual effort between you and your customers having the same goal of improving your customer experience, for the own benefit of both parties, creating a win-win situation.

Third party integrations

We support leading eCommerce platforms like Shopify, big commerce, and Woocommerce.

We can provide integrations for CRMs, help desk, live chat, marketing, analytics, and data visualization tools like Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Power BI, Tableau, Grafana, Google charts, Google calendar, Calendly, Outlook calendar, and many more.

We can integrate with your mobile apps and are capable of delivering an omnichannel experience across different touchpoints including Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter.

We also can provide integrations for your legacy and custom in house solutions to deliver more value.

Build the personality

Building a great personality and maintaining it for a business is never an easy task. But it is the most important task if you are looking to build a relationship with a person. From the very first moment you start a conversation with a customer, a mind map is created in the customer’s mind about the business. Starting from there a personality is drawn inside customers’ minds. This is what your customers will speak about you with their friends.

Our carefully designed and automated conversation will make sure that your customers find out what exactly you want them to find out about your business, indifferent conversation paths, directly and indirectly, while maintaining a consistent business personality.

We pay great attention to the personality factor, as we look forward to empowering WOM marketing (the most powerful marketing strategy), in near future, as the customers move through their journey with you. This is the best way to build awareness of your business even before they see you anywhere on the internet.


There is no meaning to all this effort you put into customer experience if there is no way to find out invaluable information you desire about your community and a deep analysis of the current situation. Arithmix analytical insights will help sales, marketing, customer service and every other operational department to make better decisions.

We provide three types of analytics to start with. Brief descriptions of each type will be discussed in the following pages.

User profiles and analytics

We profile every user and this really helps us to deliver a personalized conversational experience on behalf of your business. We use customer analytics in our feedback loop in the process of improving the conversational experience in iterations.

While we do all the hard work for you, your team can use the user profiles and analytics to

Conversational analytics

Conversation analytics helps you find out what works for you and what doesn’t in conversation marketing. Arithmix will be regularly analyzing conversational analytics to improve the conversational experience on behalf of your business.

AB testing for different conversations

We have set up our platform to rapidly improve the feedback loop through experiments with conversations. With this, you will be able to deploy different conversations to the same persona among different persons and find out which works better.

Identify weak points in conversations

Communicating the message the business wants is not easy due to the huge noise out there in the market. It distorts the message we try to deliver to the customer with preconceptions. We identify such points through analytics and improve them for you.

Conversation path analysis

Through a detailed analytics view of conversations paths we identify the most inquired/discussed subjects, inefficient conversations, churning points, conversation patterns and crucial journey moments to improve.

Most inquired /discussed topics

Through deep analytics of the conversations done, we order the topics discussed according to frequency and importance

Bot performance analytics

Bot analytics shows the quality and quantity of the automated conversation. In other ways, it shows how much effort is put in by human hours and how much value is returned for the investment. It is the one point for the business to validate the progress of the solution and to decide whether the investment for the platform is justifiable. Some of the important bot analytics we provide are as follows.

The combination of these analytics is the reflection of the type of relationship you have with your customers right now. It helps a lot for the business to make the best decisions when planning the next marketing, sales, customer service and other operational cycles.

Arithmix AI Team

Arithmix AI Team

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