Arithmix AI: The Answer to Providing a Better Customer Service​

Dec 22, 2021

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Arithmix AI: The Answer to Providing a Better Customer Service

Most businesses, be it a SMB or large scale, find it really hard to provide proper customer service. Customer service is the key to retaining customers and building a satisfied, happy and loyal customer base. It is the hook that keeps your customers stuck with your business and builds a good relationship to continue more business with your customer.

Arithmix AI provides a way for your business to provide better, scalable personalised customer service that can turn poor customer experiences into happy ones. 

This can free up your customer service team to focus on more complex tasks and provide a faster, more personalised experience for your customers. By using Arithmix AI, businesses can avoid the costly mistake of losing customers due to poor customer service. Instead, they can focus on providing a great customer experience that will keep their customers coming back for more!

Where is the problem?

Customer service problems are a good headache to have. It means you have been successful in delivering the main product or service and attracting customers to your business after implementing a successful marketing strategy. From there everything you do to support customers before, during and after sales is customer service. 

You have brought some of your potential customers to your doorstep. But the journey from there is even more crucial. Think for a second. 

Are you really ready to attend each one personally, which means in their language, when they need it and the way they like it with empathy to solve their problem?

What are you losing due to poor customer service

Hundred thousands of customers
Billions of money

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, your business will die. It’s that simple. The biggest consequence of poor customer service is losing customers. In fact, a study by the Harvard Business Review found that 89% of customers will leave due to poor customer service. That’s a huge percentage! It’s also important to note that it costs five times more to attract new customers than it does to keep current ones. So, losing just one customer can have a significant impact on your business.

A negative review can have a significant impact on a business. According to research from Boston Consulting Group, a one-star rating decrease on Yelp can lead to a five to 9% loss in sales. That’s because online reviews are often the first thing people look at when deciding whether or not to do business with a company. So it’s safe to say that businesses need a way to make sure they are giving their customers an amazing experience, or else risk losing them.

According to Harvard Business Review, 80% of businesses lose all their money spent on marketing and acquiring new customers to waste because these same customers are not retained. That’s a lot of money down the drain! It’s important for businesses to focus on customer retention in order to make sure they’re getting the most out of their marketing efforts.

What is causing poor customer service ?

Businesses are often focused on the bottom line. This means they’re looking for ways to save money, cut costs, and increase efficiency. Unfortunately, this focus can result in poor customer service that might be costing your business more than it’s saving you!

Cost-saving measures like automating tasks with inadequate software or hiring cheaper employees who have less training can often lead to a poor customer experience. SMBs are at a disadvantage because they usually don’t have the same resources as larger businesses. So, it’s important for them to focus on providing great customer service in order to make up for this deficiency.

For most businesses, it’s hard to find a middle ground between providing a great customer experience and staying afloat.

Multiple channels, different time zones, different languages

Another reason for poor customer service is the fact that businesses are using multiple channels to communicate with their customers. This can lead to inconsistencies in the customer experience, as each channel might have its own rules and procedures. It’s also difficult to keep track of all the customer interactions that are taking place across multiple channels.

Delivering a personalised experience is impossible

One of the main reasons customers leave businesses is because they don’t feel special or important. They’re just another customer in a long line of customers. Companies are always looking for new ways to create customer loyalty. One way is through personalised customer support, but this can be difficult with the company’s many customers during and after business hours.

Large variety of products and services

Another reason for poor customer service is the large variety of products and services a company offers. This can often lead to confusion among service agents who have to keep track of too much information. It’s also difficult for customers to get the help they need when they ‘re dealing with someone who’s overwhelmed and doesn’t have the time to listen to their issue. This gets worse when you have to provide support in multiple languages.

Employees with the correct balance of empathy and authority are hard to find

Training employees to provide good customer service at any point of the customer life cycle is not an easy task. Employees who directly work with your clients at every stage of the customer’s lifecycle should have the correct balance of empathy and authority. First they should understand the customer’s situation with empathy and should know how to connect with the customer’s emotions. This is how you root a personality of your brand in a customer’s mind. Same time the employees should have the authority to drive the customer through the business lifecycle to solve the customer problem and keep the business relationship going on.

How Arithmix Helps you to Solve your Customer Service Issues ?

A3-Customer Service-BM3

Aritmix digital assistant has the ability to automate tasks like finding information for your clients, answering repetitive questions, and providing support 24/7 with minimal human assistance.

24/7 multilingual support in multiple channels

Arithmix is a conversational artificial intelligence platform that can provide your customers with 24/7 customer service on multiple channels. 

This means you don’t have to worry about hiring extra staff or finding more time in the day for customer support. All of our agents are multilingual, so we’ll be able to communicate with people from almost any country.

Personalized experience with empathy and authority

Deep down, your Arithmix digital assistant connects with your customer emotions. It interacts with such empathy, that your customers feel they have been personally cared for and well understood. That is the key to a good relationship. This way your Arithmix digital assistant provides proactive customer service by engaging with your customers even before they need help!

Arithmix can provide your customers with this personalized experience because it uses machine learning to identify the emotions of the customer and what they are interested in, based on their previous interactions and requests. This way you’ll be able to resolve issues faster and reduce support time. 

Arithmix can help you to increase customer loyalty and improve customer lifetime value. We do this by providing excellent customer service that exceeds your customers’ expectations, with the correct balance of empathy and authority. Our platform also tracks customer behaviour so you can identify any trends and address them quickly. Since your Arithmix digital assistant has the authority of your customers, created through conversations with empathy for a long time, you can use the digital assistant to suggest new products or services that match customer’s interest and expand sales.

Incomparable memory and effectiveness

Memorizing information is no brainer for machines. Imagine having an employee who can memorize everything about all of your products and services, just by having a glance at product or service catalogs, who also can recall it in just a fraction of second. Your Arithmix digital assistant provides that. Not just for your customers, but for your employees when they need it.

Groom your employees

Arithmix AI won’t stop just by providing good customer service for your customers at every stage. It will also help, train and inspire your employees to do the same in many ways. Arithmix AI has the ability to provide the full track record of previous engagements, tell the intention of the customer even before the customer explains it, suggest the necessary actions and even suggest how the interaction should happen with a transcript to your employees. Arithmix AI is the best companion your employees can have to enhance the quality of their service. 

If you’re looking for a way to improve your customer loyalty and customer lifetime value through proper customer service, in all the possible ways, Arithmix is the perfect solution! We provide you with that one employee, your Arithmix digital assistant, with all these talents, to amplify your business.

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Arithmix AI Team

Arithmix AI Team

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